[three_fourth_one_fourth]The Summit Director and Officer Training Conference is designed for board chairs, corporate directors and senior executive officers of publicly traded corporations and corporations growing towards publicly-traded status. Participants will gain insight and receive substantive instruction on topical issues in corporate governance that affect publicly listed companies and board members. Summit is certified by NACD which issues certificates for Director Professionalism.

Summit Director and Officer Training Conference is co-chaired by Spence Hoole (President and CEO at Diversified Insurance Group) and Robert Gross (President National Association of Corporate Directors, Utah Chapter)

For more information about Summit, contact Kevin Jessop of Diversified Insurance Group at 801-325-5016 or kjessop@diversifiedinsurance.com.[/three_fourth_one_fourth] [three_fourth_one_fourth_last]Spence HooleRobert Gross[/three_fourth_one_fourth_last]
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