Presenter Information for Summit

Summit 2023 – November 30 – December 1, 2023 @ Montage Deer Valley Resort
First, let me extend my thanks to you for agreeing to help with the Summit Conference 2023. The quality of our speakers and presenters is key to the success of the conference, and we are pleased to have you participate as a speaker, panelist or moderator this year.

The information materials on this website should provide you with all logistical information in order to make your Summit Conference participation worthwhile and enjoyable. Please find the following:

Please do not hesitate in making your travel and hotel reservations right away. For those of you moderating panels, we would recommend that you conduct a conference call with your panel members in October, or early November. (Panelists, if you haven’t heard from your moderators in the next few weeks, please contact them to see if you can be of help).

Please sign up to attend the Summit Conference 2023 HERE ($650 fee waived). You will need to make your travel and lodging reservations right away. For any questions that haven’t been answered, please contact Kevin Jessop at 801-325-5016. We are looking forward to seeing you there!


Spence Hoole and Robert Gross
Summit Conference 2023 Co-chairs