Moderator Guidelines

Attention: Moderators and Panelists

The full agenda can be found HERE.


PANEL CONFERENCE CALL – As moderators and organizers for a Summit 2021 panel, we ask that you have at least one pre-Summit conference call with your panel to prepare and coordinate efforts. You will want to review panel objectives, ideas, etc. Please inform us of the date(s) and time(s) of your conference calls, which must be completed no later than Friday, November 12th in order to allow sufficient time to finalize slide decks, etc.

SLIDE DECK SUBMISSION – PowerPoint format is preferred, is due no later than November 19th, and should be emailed to


Each panelist will have approximately three minutes at the beginning of each session to make an introductory presentation. Our experience is that if panelists go too long, it detracts from the overall strength of the panel. We will time each presentation to keep the panel on track. You should work with your panel members to coordinate presentations and to provide some guidance and direction. (If a panelist wants to use PowerPoint slides, keep it to 5-10 slides; e-mail the electronic copy to by November 19th so we can load it onto the main laptop.) The moderator should direct questions to the panelists, the topics of which should be agreed upon in advance. Questions should not be taken from the audience until the last 15 minutes. Our experience is that this is the best way to keep the panel focused while at the same time allowing audience interaction.


As the moderator, you should control the dialogue and tenor of the discussion. Panelists must stick to the designated time limit and you should signal them to wrap up if they go over. Panelists should be thoughtful and considerate of their fellow panel members and should not dominate the discussion by giving lengthy monologues for answers. Most questions, when appropriate, should be addressed by all the panel members. Feel free, though, to use your best judgment as you moderate the panel.

Thanks again for your help as a moderator, panelist and/or speaker. Please contact us with any questions.

Spence Hoole and Bob Gross
Summit Conference Co-Chairs

Summit 2021